Questioning the media’s integrity in coverage of Donald Trump

questioning-the-media-and-8217;s-integrity-in-coverage-of-donald-trump photo 1Hiroko Masuike, The New York Times via APDonald Trump meets with New York Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr., right, and various editors and reporters at The New York Times building on Nov. 22, 2016.

Re: “Low pay, abuse described at an Ivanka Trump plant,” and “Time out: Fake magazine cover from 2009 featuring Trump hangs at 4 golf clubs,” June 28 news stories (print edition).

The desperate clamor of the mainstream media, both print and broadcast, regarding “fake news” vs. their own brand of “real news” in promotional campaigns is entertaining, to say the least. Outlets like The New York Times and CNN are shamed into retractions and resignations with little fanfare, and bias is unabashedly exposed with the parting comments from CBS’s Scott Pelley regarding the Steve Scalise shooting. But what’s fascinating to me is how The Denver Post continues in its naked attempt to besmirch the president.

Please tell me how I’m supposed to take The Denver Post and/or Associated Press seriously with headlines like “Low pay … at Ivanka Trump plant.” Really? Her plant? And what are the chances that story sees the light of day without a Trump in it? Or the story about a phony Time magazine cover with Donald Trump on it?  He’s a tragic narcissist, we get it. But to conflate his overstuffed ego on display at his golf clubs with the dismantling of public trust in media at the hands of press outlets like yourself is disgraceful.

It’s been said that if you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed.  And if you read it you’re misinformed. That’s never been more true. And it’s quite a conundrum.

Jon Pitt, Golden

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